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Bombadil, a youth to youth publishing house

Posted on: April 14, 2009

Bombadil Publishing was founded in the autumn of 2007 as a youth to youth publishing house. This new concept invites youngsters to write for their own peer group, expressing their ideas, stories and visions in a clear, professional manner. There are no editors, but mentors and life coaches who guide the authors through the world of publishing; authors and mentors work in symbiosis and are involved in the entire process together. At Bombadil Publishing a book is only a true representation of the author’s inner thoughts, ideas and passions if the authors are able to express themselves without shackles or censorship.
During the past year, Bombadil Publishing, named after the adventurous and independent Lord of the Ring character, Tom Bombadil, has started a revolution in publishing, and given a voice to so many young people around the world. In fact Bombadil now has authors on all continents, and new countries and areas are added at a very fast rate. The reason behind this expansion seems to be the wish of the young Bombadilians to unite across borders, sharing their love and passion for books and the written word; since they are dynamic youngsters who really want to involve and share what they believe in, Bombadil has evolved from being just a publisher to becoming a lifestyle.
Lifestyle is important as it reflects a philosophy, which penetrates deep into the inner fabrics of the person. A lifestyle is subscribed to, not bought. All authors get paid royalties and all authors retain copyright to their work, as fairness is part of the lifestyle to which Bombadil subscribes ‐ fairness and equality regardless of colour, creed or social standing. Issues, thoughts and ideas are discussed and spread, not to belittle but to empower. Confident youngsters should stand tall side by side their confident peers giving a more equal and peaceful world. Such confidence is spread because young people are heard through their written words.
All manuscript and book ideas are welcome at Bombadil, and the traditional division into genres and groups has been taken away. Saying that, a book is still assigned a genre once it is published, though sometimes such genres are not the traditional ones, and new ones evolve. There is for example Fairasy, a mix between fantasy and fairy tales, aimed particularly at readers between 12 and 15. Fairasy is a bit softer and a bit kinder, doing away with some of the blood gushing of traditional Fantasy and the naivety of frog kissing princesses of fairy tales.
Another new genre is Challenge Poetry, which opens up a new straightforward poetic pathos in a refreshing and honest disposition. Both of these genres are the inventions of Bombadilian authors. They wanted to express themselves, and focused more on the idea than the potential boxes into which these ideas could fit. So they broke the boundaries and were heard – their way. They wanted to be free and became free with Bombadil.
Freedom is expressed in many ways, and an important cornerstone of Bombadil Publishing is the idiosyncratic need for freedom of speech without which there cannot be democracy. True democracy is based on the ability to make informed choices, but if freedom of speech is not exercised because knowledge and information is censored, there cannot be true democracy. Many young people are today not able or even allowed to form an educated opinion about the world into which they are about to enter as freeliving, influential members of society, and their voices are not heard. Many young people write with a zest for life and a passion for the world they live in, and it is Bombadil’s mission to allow this passion to echo throughout the world. Perhaps when all young people are united through their passion, a new and open world will emerge where there is democracy, individual integrity and respect for the world and its people at large. One voice will be heard, and many voices will make each of those louder!
Bombadil Publishing is incorporated in both the United Kingdom and in Sweden and publishes books mainly English and Swedish, though many more languages are being added. The management is in Nora, a small town in central southern Sweden, amongst great lakes, birch forests and majestic elks. All books maintain a high quality and are printed in Sweden. To compensate on the effect publishing has on forests, a tree is planted for each title published. Read more on send an email with stories, ideas or manuscripts to


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