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The impact of literature on today’s youth

Posted on: April 16, 2009

“Without books the development of civilization would have been impossible. They are the engines of change, windows on the world, ”Lighthouses” as the poet said ”erected in the sea of time.” They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasures of the mind, Books are humanity in print.” (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Literature is, to a great extent, responsible for developing major parts of human civilization including persistently shaping up the concerning areas of civilization, justices as well as political system. Literature is the onliest greatest testimony of human existence that showed indispensable human emotions through joy, sorrow, tragedy etc, introduced various cultures all over the world, constructed the foundation for potential future growth of a nation.
Literature has questioned on some prominent beliefs, unfolded the bitter truth of life that had been kept secret from human knowledge, exposed the troubled life in certain areas unknown to the outer world and initiated human being to judge, analyze and understand the deeply rooted meaning of related areas and eliminated them from the root.

Youth, the most potent instrument, dynamic force, and the future treasure of a nation, hold the power that brings significant changes in society. In natural sense, literature helps them nurture their own thoughts mixed up with extracted necessary ones from multiple authors that encourage them to contribute their part to the nation by brining crucial changes. Some books in recent times which have revolutionized the knowledge from various directions are Arvind Adiga’s “The white tiger” where problematic areas are highlighted, Shiv Khera’s “you can win” where motivation is the main focus through great real heroic stories that inspire youth to keep motivated and transfer the stumbling blocks into steeping stones, Robin Sharma’s “A monk who sold his Ferrari” where it has been suggested to keep life as simple as possible in this complex world. Different books have different purposes but the commonest is to keep youth abreast with contemporary world and help them find their roles.

Mousumi Saha

Bombadil Publishing, Sweden


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