Bombadil Publishing

A Providential rain

Posted on: July 12, 2009

Bombadil Publishing

After enduring unquenchable blaze and violent hardihood of life in heat-scorching Delhi, some drops have restored the placidity of unquiet souls, flourished the yearning to drench in rain, and aspired the romantic hearts to unite. It seems soft gentlest pleasures are whispering around after redemption from cruelest and seductive Sun. Peaceful environment has settled on all creatures’ life. Rain has always played a prominent and recurrent role in the mighty pen of authors’ and poets’ rendering nobility of thoughts and majesty of life. I am no exception to it–a mysteriously daunting spirit of roasting heat of sun that handsomely sucked my humanly livelihood and left with barred heart, rain has refurbished once again my energetic soul to be enmeshed in freeing my long-suppressed feelings. Seeing all children are enjoying the shimmering drops adoringly rolling down their diminutive body, my dream and desire leapt up to catch the moments and frame them in mighty words. Extreme frequency of power cuts that snatched the serenity of Delhities, is overshadowed by the law of nature.


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