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Author’s block

Posted on: September 11, 2009

In a lifelong deal of writing, authors might stumble upon confusions that distract them from thinking effectively or wrench through the variations of experiences to put something down on paper; but, in ramifications, fail after some vehement trials which throw them into stagnation for shorter times. Don’t be disheartened! You are in writer’s block.

It happens with all of us. We start writing with enthusiasm but soon feel that crafting is monstrously insufficient or not up to the level to finish. It triggers disillusionment and compels us to give up. Following steps might be helpful to bring back the compact and solid piece of potential.

1.Note down all the words that are impatiently crowding into your mind and shaking your thoughts instantaneously. Now start playing with them by making as many sentences as you possibly can and see how successfully your whole heart is engaged in it.

2.Look around: colors, nature, birds, their each activity and try understanding their indications to extract something out of it. Put down in a notebook either in a form of a short story or poetry.

3.When nothing comes out of mind, be quite and try to listen the sharp sound of silence in your loneliness. Writer’s mind is free to go anywhere to collect pearls hidden in trivial things and come out with the most valuable thing they need.

4.To write something, let your mind be free to be inspired by anything, might be unimportant for common eyes: music or picture, pieces of gray clouds floating in the sky or neglected flowers on the ground. “perceive like common people but think like wise”

5.Since internet has evolved, it has become the most helpful guide to look up to. Post your each piece of writing and be ready for the opinions or criticisms from authors all over the world.

6.In our lifetime, we pass through many experiences which are of great value especially when nothing works out even after sprawling across the ideas; you need time away from the page to let your mind idle with fun.

Finally, what we need to realize is writer’s block isn’t curse for the talented; rather, it actually bridges the gap between the realm of the best and excellent. Diversion from writing is necessary for nurturing the productivity and exploration.


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