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A young writer from El Salvador; Mario, emigrated to Canada several years ago, wehere he started a book of short stories,and when our young writer finished his book he was contacted by another young writer in Mexico, this young lady, Lauri, who told Mario about Bombadil Publishing. Mario sent the manuscript to our international office in Sweden, and I, Melvin the Latin-American Editor in Bombadil Publishing, sent Mario´s book to our mentor in Peru, Maggy, and Maggy will send back to us this book, this week, when she, in according with Mario, is finished reading the book as a mentor and as proofreading.

It’s amazing and amusing? Of course it is. The amazing thing is the flying Mario´s book took, I mean, flying from El Salvador to Canada in Mario´s mind and the book flew to Mexico to Lauri, and our book continued to travel and flew to Sweden and then to Peru, then back to Sweden again, there is an amazing flying. It was amusing that our mentor, Maggy in Peru, doesn’t understand so of the book much because Mario wrote in the special way people from El Salvador use to speak Spanish. And I was laughing because I am from El Salvador and I totally understood what Mario wrote. I told Mario that we needed to change the language a little to express the book in an international Spanish, again that was funny and amusing because we people from El Salvador speak a special Spanish, but at the same time we speak “real” Spanish too, and Mario and my self smiled, we smiled a Bombadil’s smile, a global smile, as many young writers around the world, whom are writing at this very moment a Bombadil book. We in Bombadil Publishing are flying and flying around the world. Would you like fly with us?

Melvin González



Bombadil Publishing, a bright new light in a traditional world, is a youth‐to‐youth publisher, publishing the stories and delivering the messages that young people choose to read.
The success of Bombadil Publishing clearly shows that young people read more than ever and want to have a greater say in and influence over what they read. And it is their say, their dreams and their thoughts that sell books and with a presence in 82 countries, the Bombadilians have firmly established Bombadil Publishing on the global market.

Armed with a new freedom of expression, there seems to be no stopping the young authors and readers; they have created new avenues for marketing, new ways of getting their dreams heard, and have now been instrumental in getting Bombadil Publishing to release a new social network for youth authorship.

The beta version of the social network was released on May 4, and although Bombadil Publishing is about youth publishing, the social network is open to people of all ages, the reason being that a social network is about communicating, about enjoying books and literature but perhaps most
of all about sharing dreams and interests, all of which should not be age related.
The release of the new social network has been welcomed by Bombadil Publishing’s over 6000 young Bombadilians working on their books under the auspices of hard working and inspiring mentors in the Bombadil team. What binds together these talented authors in 82 counties are a strong ideology, a wish to have a voice and an amazing collective and individual creative ability to inspire and be inspired, to write and to be read.

By providing a global outlet for young people who want to read and write new and, for them, relevant books, Bombadil Publishing allows young people to retain their identity and individualistic approach to life while interacting with and growing from one of the world’s oldest and most traditional industries.

Having an own social network for authors gives a further slant to Bombadil’s leading edge in youth publishing giving the members the possibility to interact in shaping the future of books, a future that is bright and beautiful, full of fresh energy and new opportunities.
Youth‐2‐Youth publishing – inspiring dreams
Sweden, 4th May 2009
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